Alas De Colombia

NJJ Art is delighted to announce that Vanessa Restreppo of Alas De Colombia will be our guest speaker at the launch of Nick’s new exhibition of work ‘The Eternal Spring’.

Nick and Vanessa met in 2014 when Nick visited Colombia looking for butterfly farmers motivated to delivering projects to bring incomes to local communities and to help educate these communities about nature, their natural environments and the need to protect it.  Alas de Colombia, is a sustainable project started by Vanessa and her mother, Patricia, which they now run very successfully together. It is an innovative bio-trade company farming butterfly pupae and dry specimens in Colombia. It is by embracing it’s local communities and it’s natural surroundings that it is also helping to present a rekindled  image of Colombia and it’s people to the world; a fresh, old face of their beautiful country.

In 2001 ALAS DE COLOMBIA began butterfly breeding as a new alternative for sustainable development with  the rural community El Arenillo in Palmira city, Valle del Cauca, setting 40 butterfly species breeding in the area. This initiative has opened up a new line of non-traditional, and international exports for their country. Now fully established, the company makes regular shipments to Europe, America and the Middle East. It has created strong social communities locally, provided good, regular incomes to local people and protects the natural habitat from other destructive business practices demonstrating the success and the benefits of BioTrade companies.

Bam-Boo II, Farmed butterfly artwork, Alas de Colombia
Bam-Boo II: using butterflies farmed at Alas de Colombia