Bristol Zoo: Butterfly Forest

Nick Jeffrey was given access to the Butterfly Forest, at Bristol Zoo to photograph the final metamorphosis of a butterfly.

This process is amazing to watch and it is hard to believe your eyes when such a beautiful creature appears fully formed and ready to fly so quickly after hatching from its chrysalis.  The butterfly house takes the theme of a tropical rainforest, by creating a humid atmosphere within this undercover area of a landscaped nectar garden where the butterflies fly freely amongst the plants and flowers. Butterflies are found in almost every part of the world, from the arctic to the tropics, and are incredibly diverse. Sadly, they are under threat, due to human activity such as agriculture, and deforestation destroying the plants that sustain them.  Butterfly species included in the collection at the Zoo are; Owl butterfly, Postman butterfly, Zebra-winged butterfly, Blambeau butterfly, Glasswing butterfly, Christmas Swallowtail and the most beautiful Blue Morpho.

This shoot was kindly arranged by Martin Davis Jones and Brian Carroll of Bristol Zoo.