1200 x 500 x 120mm
A Pangea of butterflies mounted on specialist Perspex rods and backed with vintage effect gold and silver glass, framed in Perspex.

The inspiration for Pangea was born out of the most eastern and far-reaching place that a work of Nick’s had ever travelled, Moscow. He has used butterflies stemming from all known butterfly regions in the world. With the exception of the polar regions of the globe, and those areas where extremes of temperature are prevalent, butterflies are found everywhere on dry land. These areas are divided into five arbitrarily named faunistic regions, each characterized by it’s own type of butterfly fauna; the Holarctic, Afro-Tropical, Oriental, Neo-Tropical and Australian regions. Nick has created a super-continent of butterflies in this series of works and integrated a mirrored effect to reflect the shifting movement of the butterflies and plate tectonics; the earths lithosphere gliding over the mantle.