The Walls of Grace Belgravia

Nick Jeffrey secured the offer of a residency at Grace, decorating the walls of the stylish women’s membership club Grace Belgravia.

Featuring Nick’s signature use of butterflies, the installation added an iridescent and fantastical quality to Grace’s welcoming and inspiring atmosphere with the three works Neptune Flight I and Alas de Colombia III and IV.

Fixed on perspex rods, the butterflies appear as if suspended in flight, their stark colours blazing against the rustic effect of vintage mirrors, which in turn reflect the delicately muted and earthy colours displayed on the back of their bright wings.

However, as Grace Belgravia is known for its diverse offers and facilities, we wanted to ensure that Jeffrey’s butterfly installation brought an equal philosophy to the space.

Measuring 125cm in diameter, the pieces are distinctly the work of Jeffrey, but employs an entirely different technique in which the artists has suspended each butterfly in resin: and the effect is stunning!

Arranged in kaleidoscopic patterns, the butterflies appear as if suspended between life and death – the vintage style mirrors again casting back the quiet palette of the back of their wings while their insistent greens, blues, yellows and reds burn brightly in the transparency of the resin.